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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Play it again, Sam

The fundamental things apply as time goes by...

Hello again, legions of loyal readers. All 4 of you!  Unless it comes to relationships, I've never been good at sticking with things for very long. Jobs, cities, hobbies...I guess you could say that's my lousy way of saying, sorry I haven't been in touch in the last few years.

A lot has happened. I'm now engaged to the same wonderful soul who accompanied me on this crazy journey to begin with. We live in a great neighborhood in a tiny "vintage" apartment for a steal. My next door neighbor is actually going to be a bridesmaid! Spring has sprung...sorta, and after 2 years, I've started a new job, which Grass is always greener, right?

My culinary adventures continue. I drink too much wine. I over- season the chicken. I cry when a centipede scurries under the couch and the cat stands idly by. I continue to hold myself to impossible standards and yearn for the next big adventure (hello, honeymoon!).  But I wanted you to know that i've missed you. I've missed this. And, I promise I'll be better. I'll be back more often -- blogging about my adventures in being a bride.

Until then,

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Back and better than ever!

Hi guys,

It's amazing what a little sunshine can do for the soul. Feeling super recharged today on this beautiful spring day. Although, if there's one thing I've learned about Denver weather, it's that while it's gorgeous and sunny now, it might well be snowing in 5 minutes.

I haven't kept my resolution to keep writing, so hopefully I will be able to get you up to speed soon enough. 2013 has been off to a great start. All the hard work -- over a year of searching tirelessly, of scraping through job boards until my eyes bled, of bracing myself for email after email of the usual, "I think it's best we see other people" rejection letters from jobs I had forgotten I had even desperately applied for, all the months of tears and turmoil, my persistence, tenacious perseverance  and hard work has all finally paid off. Though, I can't entirely take credit. This new year has also taught me that things will fall into place when the timing is right. When it's meant to be, it will manifest, and not a moment sooner. A hard learned lesson that has me seeped in gratitude. Anyhow, it's all a way of saying that it's finally happened and my dreams have come true. Starting next Monday, I will be the new Marketing Assistant for a non-profit organization here in Denver!

I finally get to realize my dream of pursuing a philanthropic career while delving deeper into Marketing and indulging my creative passions. I couldn't be happier, or more excited to start this new chapter in my life. It's a pay increase, comes with full benefits, and is about 10 minutes closer to home. But best of all, it's my job! The one I've wanted. The one I earned. The one that was meant to be.

Sometimes, in addition to working your ass off,  you just have to let things unfold and they'll happen as they should. Like when you've been bickering, or missing connections, and you fall asleep frustrated and lonely only to wake up in the middle of the night enwrapped in the warm arms of a loving, cuddling embrace that fills you with utter joy and happiness. A moment of connection happening at just the right place and time, more true and powerful than any you try to manufacture while awake, one that brings a wide, glowing grin, to your sleepy face. This is truth. Love is truth.  Love for yourself, that you knew deep down that you were good enough, that you were meant for something more, for bigger and better things. Love for your partner, even when times can get challenging. Love for what you know you are, and what you know you'll become.

It's true, nothing worthwhile is ever easy. The sunshine and extra hours of daylight feel like the perfect gift. The outer world reflecting an inner state of joy. Extra time to do the things I love and  to be with the people I love being with.

It's been a crazy couple of months and there are certainly stories I need to fill you in on. Our adventures joining meetup groups and hosting "get to know you" parties. Snowshoeing in Silverthorne, the impending approach of our 2nd Denver St. Patrick's Day. My trip to the Denver Library today. But all that can wait. Right now, I'm focusing on love.

Until next time,

<3 xoxo

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The fabulous B in Apt E

Hello everybody!

Sorry for such a long hiatus. I think we have finally gotten settled in our new abode! Although, my list of  stuff I want for the apartment still continues to grow rather than shrink. Everyone, buy me kitchen items from now on. Forever.  (Did I mention the oven sets off the smoke alarm every time we use it?) And art. Come decorate my house with fabulous art!

The boy is loving his new job, though it provides it's own set of new challenges and opportunities. I'm now only working one job instead of two, which makes life easier, though during the transition it's been stressful. Loosing one source of income before it's entirely replaced by another. And as a happy New Year gift, all my insurance rates went up. Whoo!

How was your New Years? Your Holiday?

This was the second Christmas in a row that the boy and I weren't together --very sad panda. I went home to be with my family and he had to stay here and work at the new job. It was really good to be "home" though. To be with family who I hadn't seen in a while and who I missed. It was a really low key Christmas, we didn't do much except eat and see Life of Pi. It was odd, it almost didn't feel like Christmas. It just kind of felt like this big day that happened. I guess because we weren't together for the lead up, like we usually are. There wasn't any family tree decorating or cookie baking. But, we were so fortunate, and had a wonderful time thanks to my brother who did a fantastic job hosting everything this year and we got to see all of our favorite holiday movies. Most important we were together and were all healthy and safe. That's more than can be said for many other families around the world.

Our New Year's was equally as low key, and I'm quite alright with that. New Year's has often been my least favorite holiday due to it's association with drunken idiots. This year, I put my party dress on and we went to the bar where my Denver bff used to work, which turned out to be a sports bar, so I had to plead with the bartender to put on Dick Clark ( It's not NYE without it!--and I refuse to recognize that it's now the Ryan Seacrest show) which they did, at about 5 minutes until midnight. LOL. While I was the only one who really dressed up, we still had a good time. We drank champagne, counted down, and I had the love of my life to kiss at midnight.

So that's it, those were the holidays in a nutshell. And, all that amongst getting settled into our new place. Life has been pretty quiet since then--happily so.

I'll continued to keep you posted on our adventures should we have any. Right now, it's just trying to keep our heads above water after the move. Things are slowly falling into place and coming together. And I'm learning lots of lessons about faith, patience, and compromise.


Friday, December 7, 2012


Hey everybody!

So, big news on this end! we FINALLY got an apartment!! I am beyond excited. 600 sq ft to call our very own! We will be moving next weekend! It's all kind of a whirlwind, but we are thrilled.

Things are finally picking up and while I still have no discernable marketable direction in my life, the boy has gotten 3 job offers in the past 3 weeks! :) --thus, enabling this move to happen. I am so proud of him and his perseverance over these utterly soul-crushing long months.

There's so much I want to tell you! This couldn't have come at a more perfect time. We may even get to put up our own little Christmas tree. I may be offline for a bit but should be back up after the holidays with plenty of updates.

Until then, I'm trying to enjoy everything. Remain open and grateful and revel in my excitement!


Monday, November 12, 2012

Baby it's cold outside

Hello there everybody!

This has been a weekend of reflection for me. Normally this time of year, I would be lighting holiday scented candles and ordering seasonal flower arrangements. It's funny to think back, now that there is snow on the ground again and winter seems finally to have made up it's mind to stay, to when we first arrived here.

I remember snow pouring down, creating a pristine wonderland for me, welcoming me to my new home, as if to say "look what I have made for you. Perfect. Fresh. Shiny and new". In retrospect, it was a bit like that moment when Lucy, full of fear and excitement, pushes through the back of the wardrobe into a snowy, magical, unknown world. We pulled our U-haul into the storage unit and unloaded at 4:30 sharp, right as the first of what was to be 22 inches of snow, began to dust my eyelids. However, I did not share Lucy's plucky confidence. I felt exhausted, strained, stressed, and wavering somewhere between nervous vomiting and resigned fainting.

I remember the first time I took my car out in the snow. More snow than I had ever seen since I was a little kid and stepped off my front porch in NH-swaddled in so many layers of insulated, moisture retardant fabric, that I began to resemble a cross between a Weeble and the Michelin Man. The moment I stepped off the porch, I plummeted softly down, vanishing into a snow drift asserting it's vertical dominance over my mere 2 ft. frame. I don't remember this incident clearly, merely my mother's horrified and amused recounting of it. That first Denver snow, I drove my car so slowly I might as well have been pushing it around  like a life size Hot Wheel instead of driving it. As anyone who has ever been in a vehicle with a significant other during a tense traffic situation knows, it is enough to test the mettle of even the most established of unions. I remember that night-sitting in a random Mexican restaurant in a random strip mall, too wired to eat, exchanging terse mono-syllabic quips, each in turn defeating well meaning intentions.

Now, I look at where we are.  Still not perfect, but closer than we have been. I look back at those first trying weeks of "what have I done!?" and compare it to all the wonderful adventures we have had since we have been here. All the amazing, stories, opportunities and people. I think of how sometimes hardship brings you closer, makes you better than you ever thought possible. Not only has my relationship reached new heights during this year of trial and tribulation, but it has also brought me closer to this city in which I live. A city I love. A city that I am proud to be a part of, no matter what.  A city that has opened it's heart and unfolded to me as I have unfolded unto it. A city that I now call home and can't imagine leaving. 10 months. 10 of the most taxing and rewarding months I have known.

We almost seem to have come full circle. While it's not over yet and while we still face our fair share of struggles, we have started to look at apartments again. The market is opening up. We are closer to pursuing our dream, and we have the hope of a brighter future. I am not sure I can adequately explain what it means to again be in this space of searching for home-only that now it seems that home is a place not an idea. I still miss my family quite terribly and part of me will never feel at home unless I am with them, but all this is part of growing up I suppose. And, maybe in the end I haven't done such a bang up job of it after all.  We are finally in a place we should be-the place we should have been when we first arrived-a place where we are finding and creating our own little home.  But, should is a tricky word....for, without all the in-between, the struggle, the wandering,...none of this immense personal growth and emotional tempering would have been possible. I wouldn't have been able to fully appreciate where I am now-on the precipice of starting something new and exciting once again. On the doorstep of my own future front door...

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Winter is coming...

Hi all!

Well, it's October 6th and day 2 of snow. I wasn't prepared for the sudden and rapid change from blissful 65 degree days and gradually changing leaves to 30 degrees and snowing.  I was just beginning to drag my long sleeves out of storage and now I suddenly have on the mattress warmer and the down comforter. While I'm not a cold weather fan by any means, I do kind of enjoy it. I love having an excuse to turn on the fireplace and it all feels so very...Colorado! :)

(To make me even more of a native hipster, I've begun working on my repurposed bike and bottle chandelier)

After a rough day on Thursday I went out with my new best local gal pal and we went to Stingers, a nice upscale diner sort of place that was packed to the gills. Both the food and the cocktails were quite good, and rather inexpensive all things considered. I had chicken in a parmesan sauce with a large amount of leeks, which was closer in actuality to a leek salad, and a coffee infused vodka martini which tasted like heaven.

We then moseyed downtown to Appaloosa Grill which has live music every night and a late night happy hour menu of epic proportions. The band wasn't all that great, but we had fun, chatted with the guys, and they even dedicated a song to us! We continued our potato binge, honoring my people's national vegetable in true style, and split an order of the truffle fries. They were so garlicky we could barely finish them. Still, it was one of the best nights I've had in a long time. There's nothing an open mind, a strong drink, and a good friend can't fix!

Sunday, September 23, 2012


Happy Fall everyone!

I love fall. It is my absolute favorite season. The leaves changing, the smell of fireplaces burning, football and pumpkin lattes, fall has always held such a sense of renewal and promise for me.

So far, the promise of  positive autumn energy is off to a rocking start- the man has an interview! :)

This weekend we made the most of the spectacular whether and went to downtown's Ocktoberfest! It was kind of expensive ($5 a beer) but it was a good time. We walked around, enjoyed some Sam Adams Ocktoberfest, listened to good music. Each booth supported a different cause, so we spent a lot of time at the Feline Rescue booth. The venue itself was rather sparse, the majority of it being blocked out for Living Social, and every other spot was either selling sausage or pretzel or beer. There were yodeling men in leiderhosen! As with any event, it was the company that made everything worth while and the boy and I had a fantastic time laughing and bonding over some good brew.

Right now, the game is on and we are enjoying the remains of a lazy weekend.

We also started subbing in on a sand volleyball team, which has been a great (free!) way to meet people, enjoy the last of the good weather, and get some exercise. We discovered a local sports bar that we like where the games are held and so far everyone we've met has been super cool. It's nice to start building a social network again.

Things may be manifesting a bit differently this fall than they have for me in the past. I have to look a little harder, and in some different places, but there are still good times to be had and great things in the air.. and we are continuing to make the best of it! All in all, things are starting to look up...!